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Amsterdam Magic Show Tickets!

One of the most coveted tickets in Amsterdam, this is not just your entrance to the theater but a passport to a journey into mystery, amazement and our world of “Huh”.
Your ticket includes a seat for the 2 hour stage show featuring 5-6 world-class magicians and the warmest welcome in Amsterdam. Come and see why we received so many 5-star reviews – CLICK HERE.

Instead of free “first come first served” seating, a VIP Ticket includes a reserved second row seat. Ultimate VIP ticket has reserved front row seats and free magical gift.


MAGIC: For some it’s just a word…for us it’s a way of life.

Take your friends, your loved ones, or yourself on our magical ride and forget the world outside (for one crazy night). We are an ensemble of magicians and illusionists from all across Europe. But each show is different and unique since we invite the best inter-national and comedy acts to perform with us in our roaring 20’s era theater. So step into our magical world of ‘Huh’ and have an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

It’s Amsterdam Magic Showtime!

Amsterdam Magic Show Aljaz Son


This man will spice up your magical night even before the show has started. Cards will vanish and reappear, balls will turn into cubes and coins will penetrate solid glass. Oh..and he’s awesome with rubber things too. For the people with dirty minds – not those kind of rubbers.

Amsterdam Magic Show Arthur Gerards


Don’t be fooled by Arthur’s cute face. The man is an actor by day and a magician by night and his act will blow you away. He’s the Master of Levitation & Disappearance. So if there is anybody you don’t like, just bring him or her along to the show. 🙂 By the way, the bunny never got hurt.

Amsterdam Magic Show Fritz With A Z


Fritz with a Z, the award-winning magician who appeared on numerous TV shows worldwide and has been mentioned in loads of magic publications, has now finally set foot in Amsterdam. With his sleight of hand and surefire comedy, he will have your jaws drop and your smile muscles put to the test.

Amsterdam Magic Show Arthur Gerards


Magic has many lost miracles. Effects that have never been seen by anyone, effects that are lost in time buried between the pages of an old, forgotten, dusty magic book. The Miracle Seeker reinterprets these rare, never seen before effects and brings them to a moderne audience. Rico will open you up to a once in a life time event to experience something that not many people have ever seen, and will see in their life time.

Amsterdam Magic Show Aljaz Son


Swimming teacher by day and magician by night. Handsome, charming, skillful, ego -driven and above all very modest. Fun fact: Different from fellow conjurors he didn’t get his first magic kit for his birthday, he stole one. Inspired by the classic Bond -movies he dove into the world of card gambling, hustlers and scams.  His magic is just like his favorite drink: “Old Fashioned”.

Amsterdam Magic Show Arthur Gerards


Originally from Milan, Stefano has a passion for crafts, as he likes to serve amazing food as a chef and serve even more impressive magic to you as a performer. With inspiration from Italian and Spanish magicians, Stefano uses playing cards as tools of his trade. Adding an Italian flavor (pun intended) to the night, Stefano likes to mix his magic with a smidgen of mentalism, a pinch of philosophy, and a dash of positivity.

Amsterdam Magic Show Fritz With A Z


Edgar is a French magician providing mysterious experiences. With positive guidance full of emotions and wonders between imagination and reality.

Amsterdam Magic Show Arthur Gerards


When you combine mystery, a dose of class and a honest young man you get Bart Uriot. Inspired by the old masters like Tommy Wonder & Fred Kaps. This kind young gentleman likes to blow minds with is sleight of hand but likes to fry your brain with his own. Known for mermorizing card decks, lunch menus and the whole Netflix catalogue. Bart also likes to perform sleight of hand at the best location possible: under your nose.

Amsterdam Magic Show Aljaz Son


Originally from China, Zippo used to be an engineer graduated from TU Delft and perform magic parttime. With the unique style of combing magic with dance, he has won several international prizes with his original act. In 2021, he took a big step to transfer towards a full time artist by resigning from an international company and starting mime study in the Amsterdam University of Arts.

Amsterdam Magic Show Arthur Gerards


Jaron Lammertink specializes in what’s important in life: the small things. Give him a sponge ball and he gives you two in return… in a different color. Originally performing for kids during his spare time, after he’s done at your table you feel like a child again. Maybe that’s the mystery surrounding this young man. Practicing krav-maga when he’s not performing. So beware he’ll punch you in the face with his direct card skills and sleight of hand.

Amsterdam Magic Show Fritz With A Z


Metaphysics is the study of the structure of the world around us, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of how people process the world around us. Evan has studied metaphysics and related fields – like NLP – for over 3 decades. He brings this knowledge to inspire and amaze audiences at every engagement. A true Master of Metaphysics

Amsterdam Magic Show Arthur Gerards


Here is the man from the land of Mystery and of Kamasutra (yes, that’s really important). Soumya started magic pretty early; as soon as the doctor slapped him after he was born Soumya asked him to pick a card. Soumya is a fascinating storyteller using the medium of Magic. The coins, cards, and balls speak words at his hands.
Amsterdam Magic Show Fritz With A Z


Named after the Dutch king but we have our own royalty in the house. Being a magician and violinist makes him stroke your snares with his music and magic and the same time. Finely aged like his favorite drink, red wine. Willem dives into the world that magic is, art! So follow him down the rabbit hole and maybe just maybe Willem shows you a few of his own mysteries.

Amsterdam Magic Show Arthur Gerards


Let us introduce to you the most Dutch magician you can imagine, Jeffrey! With a deck of cards and some more magician props, he’ll show you around in his world of magic and story telling. But beware, as quick as you can say his name he already made three pints of beer disappear. So buy him a drink and maybe he shows you thinks that make you go: huh?
Amsterdam Magic Show Monogram


Every show is different and unique, because we invite the best magicians in the world to perform on our stage. We have welcomed national, international and world champions of magic from countries such as China, Singapore, USA, UK, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, South Africa, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and more. You never know who you will see on our stage, but we guarantee they will be the best of the best.


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When not blowing away audiences at the Amsterdam Magic Show every week, our magicians perform at 1000s of weddings, parties & have entertained executives of every Fortune 500 company. Want to add your event to the list? Contact us now for a free quote.